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Canadian Home Decorators Directory

Home Decorator Find makes finding a great interior designer easy as pie! Locate Home Decorators and Home Style Experts at the best prices -- wherever you are in Canada!

It's very simple -- use our site to search by province and city and then to locate a home decorator with the skills that you need. Before making your selection though, be sure to call a several designers and get an estimate of their prices. That way, you can be assured that you're getting the very best deal and service possible. If you've decided to meet with them before hiring, and want to find their office location, feel free to use the free maps we provide on the information page of every decorator.

Sometimes you'll find a decorator who has already been given reviews from a client - those can be very useful in helping you make your selection, so don't forget to read them, and leave your own review, if you like!

Home Decorator Find includes related experts such as interior designers and home renovators, and can help you find what you need, fast, and in your area. Find the best home design experts in your area, and get the best service and prices by shopping around. Before you know it, your home will look like new!

Home Decorators by Province or Territory

Quebec Home Decorators - 1734
Ontario Home Decorators - 1485
British Columbia Home Decorators - 534
Alberta Home Decorators - 315
Manitoba Home Decorators - 77
New Brunswick Home Decorators - 57
Saskatchewan Home Decorators - 40
Nova Scotia Home Decorators - 39
Newfoundland Home Decorators - 31
Prince Edward Island Home Decorators - 10
Yukon Home Decorators - 2
Northwest Territories Home Decorators - 1

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Home Decorators

Name : Glaskrafter Art Glass
Address: 8226 Sabre
City: Lantzville, BC
Phone: 250-390-2023


Toronto (383 Home Decorators)
Montreal (356 Home Decorators)
Vancouver (159 Home Decorators)
Calgary (147 Home Decorators)
Quebec (92 Home Decorators)
Ottawa (74 Home Decorators)
Edmonton (73 Home Decorators)
Laval (68 Home Decorators)
Victoria (66 Home Decorators)
Winnipeg (64 Home Decorators)

All Cities in Canada

Other Provinces

Quebec (1734 Home Decorators)
Ontario (1485 Home Decorators)
British Columbia (534 Home Decorators)
Alberta (315 Home Decorators)
Manitoba (77 Home Decorators)
New Brunswick (57 Home Decorators)
Saskatchewan (40 Home Decorators)
Nova Scotia (39 Home Decorators)
Newfoundland (31 Home Decorators)
Prince Edward Island (10 Home Decorators)
Yukon (2 Home Decorators)
Northwest Territories (1 Home Decorators)

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